Railway Stations Opening Soon

There are proposed railway stations and lines with opening dates planned in the next few years. Proposals for the national railway network are listed below and are subject to change depending on funding awards, technical issues or construction progress.

Some projects are of interest to many readers and these are covered in more detail following the timeline.

If you are looking for details about proposals for Heritage Railways and Rapid Transit systems, please click here. A list of railway stations that have opened can be found on this page here.

Proposed Opening Dates

Last Updated: 25/03/2024 – See changes below

2024 Opening Dates

Stations opening 2025 onwards

Stations awaiting set date

Proposed HS2 Stations

  • Old Oak Common
  • Birmingham Interchange
  • Birmingham Curzon Street

Reopenings of Interest

Updates about the following railway stations are requested on a frequent basis. A summary of their current position is below. Click on the links for the latest updates.

New Bermondsey (formerly Surrey Canal Road) – The concrete box that would house the ticket office for this railway station was constructed as part of the opening of the East London Line.  Funding for the station was to be provided as part of a package of measures to improve public transport but cost increases has slid this station into phase 2, seeking further funding if it becomes available.

Belford – GRIP4 has been completed. A number of issues have been identified that have stalled progress delivering a station at this location.

Wixams – The railway station at Wixams has been unsuccessful in the New Stations Fund. A sizeable shortfall remains in the funding for the railway station. Bedford Borough council is working on proposals to close that shortfall.

Latest Updates

25/03/2024 – updated some of the opening dates for Northumberland line as some stations will not open until 2025

16/12/2023 – East Linton opens. Page updated to account for new year. Balgray and Crwys Road moved to stations awaiting set date. Ashley Down added to 2024.

11/12/2023 – Brent Cross West opened on 10 December 2023

18/11/2023 – East Linton moved to 13 December 2023

05/10/2023 – Headbolt Lane opens. Manchester Airport HS2 station removed

27/09/2023 – Headbolt Lane expected to open in the autumn and Brent Cross West expected to open in December

08/07/2023 – Marsh Barton and Reading Green Park have opened. Moseley Village, Kings Heath and Pineapple Road shifted to an expected opening date in 2024.

23/03/2023 – added expected years of opening to East Linton, Northumberland line and Beaulieu Park

20/02/2023 – Inverness Airport opened earlier in the month. Updated New Bermondsey section.

16/12/2022 – Portway Park and Ride plus Inverness Airport moved to 2023. Northumberland line, East Linton and Beaulieu Park shifted to 2023 onwards

13/11/2022 – moved Reading Green Park, Marsh Barton and Brent Cross West to 2023

24/10/2022 – Bond Street railway station opens

20/09/2022 – Thanet Parkway moved to May 2023

29/08/2022 – Barking Riverside opens on 18 July. Wixams station has been added

25/05/2022 – Reston opens 23 May and Elizabeth line opens on 24 May adding Woolwich, Canary Wharf, Custom House and Tottenham Court Road to the national rail network. Refined Barking Riverside to autumn 2022 opening date

20/03/2022 – White Rose shifted to 2023. Leven and Cameron Bridge shifted to beyond 2023.

13/12/2021 – Soham opens, Sharnal Street added to stations awaiting set date. Headbolt Lane set for 2023

29/11/2021 – Darlaston and Willenhall move to 2023. Thanet Parkway shifts into late 2022

19/11/2021 – Beam Park slid into Stations awaiting set date.

04/09/2021 – Portway Park and Ride slipped to 2022. Soham moved forward to 2021

30/06/2021 – Reading Green Park slipped to Q2 2022. Moved Reston to 2022 because of advancing works and inclusion in draft summer 2022 timetable for the ECML

28/05/2021 – Marsh Barton moved to 2022 delivery following the start of construction on site

14/02/2021 – Bow Street opens. Soham slips to 2022.

02/02/2021 – Bow Street opening date updated to 14 February. Park Barn added to stations awaiting a set date

23/12/2020 – Barrhead South slips to 2025

17/12/2020 – Soham moved to 2021, Barking Riverside slides to 2022 and Henbury Spur slips to by 2025. Crossrail moved to first half of 2022.

02/12/2020 – Edginswell and St Clears added to stations awaiting set date following announcement that they had been successful for funding from New Stations Fund Round 3

24/11/2020 – Bow Street slips to February 2021

24/10/2020 – Inverness Airport slips to 2022

15/10/2020 – Kintore station opens to the public and Reading Green Park slips to summer 2021

10/08/2020 – Portway Park and Ride and Dalcross delayed to 2021 and Kintore slipped to Autumn

11/07/2020 – Horden station opens to the public

12/06/2020 – Moved Barrhead South to 2021 following publication of timeline by city region deal

19/04/2020 – Removed Edginswell, added HS2 stations, added Leven, Skelmersdale and Thanet Parkway

04/04/2020 – Slid Kintore to Spring/Summer 2020 due to rail enhancement works halt in response to Coronavirus. Removed Rapid Transit schemes from this page and moved to Rapid Transit schemes page

15/03/2020 – Added Cottam Parkway and Cambridge South to “Stations Awaiting Set Date” following March 2020 budget

04/03/2020 Bow Street updated to Winter 2020

23/02/2020 Worcestershire Parkway opens.

15/12/2019 Warrington West and Robroyston opened 15 December. Worcestershire Parkway postponed to early 2020.

17/11/2019 Warrington West, Worcestershire Parkway and Robroyston updated to 15 December timetable change. Crossrail should open at the earliest possible point in 2021. Soham added with 2022 opening date.

31/08/2019 Added more information about the Surrey Canal Road and Beaulieu Park following Housing Infrastructure Fund award. Warrington West opening date expected to be in Autumn/Winter 2019.

26/06/2019 Meridian Water opens. Added Henbury Spur to 2021.

26/05/2019 Halton Curve opens. Meridian Water going to be May/June

06/04/2019 Northern Line Extension slipped to 2021. Halton Curve and Meridian Water expected to open in May 2019. Beam Park added with expected opening date of May 2022

02/01/2019 Crossrail slipped to not known. Reading Green Park, Portway Parkway, Kintore and Dalcross slipped to 2020 awaiting information and progress

01/11/2018 Rotherham Tram-Train opens and Horden updated to open in Spring 2020.

01/10/2018 Halton Curve (regular services) postponed until 2019 (May).

04/09/2018 Crossrail and the five railway stations set to open at the same time moved into September 2019.

02/07/2018 Corwen Central and Maghull North opened. Croxley Rail Link opening date no longer defined.

30/04/2018 Kenilworth opened

31/03/2018 Kenilworth slipped to TBC (25/02). Broadway opened. Maghull North set to open in June. Rotherham Tram-Train moved to autumn. Winchburgh moved to awaiting date.

13/02/2018 Added 26 Feb opening date to Kenilworth. Confirmed the new National Rail Stations that will open when Crossrail opens in December 2018.

21/01/2018 Added months and seasons to 2018 proposals.

11/12/2017 Ordsall Chord opens. Kenilworth railway station postponed to (February) 2018.

16/11/2017 Portishead pushed to awaiting date. Rotherham Parkgate added to 2018. Reading Green Park and Worcestershire Parkway slipped to 2019. Added Corwen Central to 2018.

28/07/2017 Swanage link opened in June. Portway to open in 2019. Horden, Warrington West and Bow Street allocated to 2020 following the New Stations Fund Round 2 announcement. Marsh Barton and Edginswell moved to awaiting date because their bids were unsuccessful.

29/05/2017 Cambridge North opened. Swanage Link to open in June.

02/04/2017 Ilkeston and Low Moor opened. Swanage link expected to open in the Summer.

04/03/2017 Added Worcestershire Parkway for 2018.

27/01/2017 Added Meridian Water to 2019.

20/01/2017 Robroyston added to 2019. Ilkeston opening 2 April 2016. Kenilworth opening December 2017. Added Marsh Barton and Edginswell to 2017/18.

18/12/2016 Ilkeston postponed to Q1 2017.

22/10/2016 Maghull North to open in May 2018. Ilkeston postponed to December 2016.

07/08/2016 Low Moor pushed to Spring 2017. Broadway added to open in 2018. Ilkeston expected to be October 2016.

25/06/2016 Kirkstall Forge opened. Cambridge North moved to Spring 2017. Kenilworth moved to Summer 2017.

31/05/2016 Crossrail, Kintore and Dalcross added.

10/04/2016 Kirkstall Forge moved to May. Low Moor postponed to Summer 2016.  Added 2018 and 2019.

19/03/2016 Coventry Arena and Bermuda Park opened. Kirkstall Forge moved to April and Lea Bridge moved to May. Swanage to Wareham link postponed to early 2017. Cambridge North postponed to December 2016.

25/12/2015 Apperley Bridge and Cranbrook open on 13th December. Bermuda Park and Coventry Arena (formerly Ricoh Arena) moved to January.

25/11/2015 Cranbrook delayed to December, Apperley Bridge and Kirkstall Forge delayed to January 2016. Portway Park and Ride and Horden removed.

19/08/2015 Apperley Bridge delayed until September, Cranbrook delayed until October.

07/06/2015 Newcourt Opens, Bermuda Park and Ricoh Arena delayed until September, Lea Bridge moved to March 2016.

15/05/2015 Newcourt, Oxford Parkway, Kirkstall Forge, Swanage Link, Bermuda Park and Ricoh Arena delayed.

21/03/2015 Cranbrook delayed

11/12/2014 – Newcourt delayed until Spring 2015. Ilkeston delayed until late 2015

05/10/2014 Horden expected in May 2016. Added Swanage Link and Fleetwood to Poulton

16/08/2014 – Portway Park and Ride expected in April 2016

01/08/2014 – Lea Bridge appears to be unlikely to open in December 2014 and Cranbrook expected in January 2015

26/07/2014 – Ilkeston delayed to Spring 2015


  1. Not a good record for opening on time this year. There seem to be many reasons for these delays, some probably due to there being too many different bodies involved.

  2. Beaulieu Park – Cheltenham City Council agreed a Planning agreement with Countryside, who are delivering a 3,600 home development north east of Chelmsford to build a railway station at Beaulieu Park.

    Should be Chelmsford City Council (easily done)

  3. Were a group of heritage rail guy were called the northeast narrow gauge heritage railway could you help us with setting up our railway I’ve got 40 years experience in the railways I’m a retired br train driver

  4. Proposed Opening Dates – you can now delete Meridian Water from the list as it has opened

  5. You have both ‘Portway Parkway’ and ‘Portway Park and Ride’ in different places above. The developers consistently refer to it as ‘Portway Park and Ride’ (as it serves the P&R site).

  6. They closed stations and lines quite quickly in the 1960s under the Beeching report but very slow to reopen stations and lines in 2020s

  7. Network Rail’s recently imposed embargo on ‘enhancement’ works (as opposed to regular maintenance works) on its network will doubtless impact on the opening date of all the six stations planned for this year, as has already been announced by the promoters of the Kintore and Horden schemes.
    As previously noted by another contributor, Portway Parkway should read Portway Park & Ride as it would serve the park & ride scheme of that name – see https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-50680771

  8. Bow Street: in response to a request for information about opening date the following has been received:
    ——- Forwarded message follows ——-
    From: Bow Street Design Tender
    Date sent: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 09:56:23 +0000
    Subject: RE: Bow Street station

    Hi there

    With all being well, the 14th February.

    Kind Regards

    Lowri Joyce
    hi, ei / she, her, hers
    Rheolwr Rhanddeiliaid / Stakeholder Manager
    Trafnidiaeth Cymru / Transport for Wales

  9. Portway Park & Ride: that’s looking like a forlorn hope for a 2021 opening date, isn’t it? Nothing seems to have been heard lately……..

  10. Slightly surprised you still have Loudoun Square and The Flourish in view of the 15 August ‘update’ about the new Butetown station (which I think may be Loudoun Square masquerading under a different name). But the tram-train extension to The Flourish has surely been killed off?

  11. Portway Park & Ride ceremonially opened 31 July – but not to the public until 1 Aug 2023.

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