Proposed Railway Stations in Yorkshire

There are a number of proposed of railway schemes in Yorkshire and Humberside. If you want to find the latest news about proposed railway stations and lines in Yorkshire click here.

Railway Stations


Located north west of York on the Harrogate railway line, the station proposal was ruled out in 2014 but if the railway line was upgraded to support two trains per hour and development of the British Sugar site took place, it was possible that the case for the station could strengthen.


There are two options for a railway station serving Armley. The station could be located on the Airedale line towards Skipton or it could be located on the Calder Valley line towards Bradford Interchange


This station would be located on the Harrogate line between the northern portal of Bramhope Tunnel and Weeton railway station.


Located on the Doncaster to Knottingley line, which is currently used by the Grand Central London – Bradford Interchange train service. The station would be served by a Leeds – Lincoln service. It is supported by Ed Milliband MP.

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Located between Harrogate and Starbeck, this proposal was ruled out because of the substantial abstraction from existing railway stations.

Bowling Park

This station would be located south of Bradford Interchange on the line towards Halifax. It is a steeply graded section.


Located south of Wakefield Westgate on the line towards Doncaster, this station was ruled out because of concerns about demand and potential needs to alter track and signalling equipment.

Doncaster-Sheffield Airport

There are two possible options being considered for a railway station serving the site of Doncaster-Sheffield Airport. It is not known how realistic these proposals are following the closure of the airport. Historically, the proposal has been to open a railway station between Doncaster and Gainsborough, serving it with an enhanced shuttle service. Recent proposals have included diverting the East Coast Mainline (ECML) so that it passes closer to the airport. This would enable trains to London to serve the airport. A bid to round 2 of the New Stations Fund was made. The airport closed in 2022 and work is underway to identify the future user of the site, which will influence any proposed railway schemes.

East Ardsley

Located north of Outwood, two sites were considered in stage 2 of the New Stations Study. One site was ruled out because of construction issues involved with existing rail infrastructure. The second site had fewer issues but there were concerns that there would be challenges delivering a half hourly service.

East Leeds Parkway

When initially proposed, the location of this station was not clear with proposals including a Park and Ride in the Micklefield area. It is understood that the station given this name would be located in the Thorpe Park area.


Located west of Brighouse on the railway line that gained regular passenger services in 2000, Elland has been a proposal since before the line reopened. Recent developments have accelerated the likely delivery of this station, with an expectation that it could open in 2022.

Elland Road/Beeston

Located on the line towards Wakefield Westgate near Leeds city centre, this proposed station being close to the centre of Leeds and having a constrained station site rules it out.

Flaxby Moor Park and Ride

Located east of Knaresborough on the line towards York, this proposal is backed by tbe local chamber of commerce and developers. It is understood that potential issues with third party land owners have been resolved. The current challenge is competing major land developments in the area.


Located west of Huddersfield, this proposal was ruled out in the New Stations Study because it had a number of operational and construction issues. There were two sites considered in the New Stations Study.


This would be located just west of the station at Elland, so further development work was ruled out in 2014.


Haxby station would be located on the railway line between York and Malton. The proposal is struggling because of differences of opinion on its location. It has been proposed that the station is located on the north east edge of Haxby instead of the existing station site in the centre of the village.


Located south of Wakefield Westgate on the line towards Doncaster, this station was ruled out because of concerns about demand and potential needs to alter track and signalling equipment.


Located between Bradford and Halifax, the station was ruled out in stage 2 of the New Stations Study because of concerns that the disbenefits would not outweigh the impact on long distance services.

Horbury Bridge

Located on the Huddersfield to Wakefield line, this station was ruled out because of the low catchment population and hourly service.

Horsforth Woodside

This station has been a popular proposal that appears to have fallen out of favour in the last few years with the development of railway stations at Apperley Bridge and Kirkstall Forge.

Crosshills and Kildwick

Located on the railway line between Keighley and Skipton, in North Yorkshire. It is proposed to use the site of the former station and close a busy level crossing nearby.

Knaresborough East/Manse Farm

Located east of Knaresborough on the line towards York. Land has been earmarked for this station as part of a housing development currently being delivered but no funding and competition from an alternative proposal nearby in terms of Flaxby Park is likely to impact it.


Although forecast demand was high, this station was ruled out in stage of the New Stations Study because of the disbenefits to existing journeys through the area.

Leeds Bradford Airport Parkway

Located on the Leeds-Harrogate line north of Horsforth in the Cookridge area. A short link road would connect the station to the airport, enabling a shuttle bus service.


Located near Bradford Forster Square, this proposal was ruled out in stage 2 of the New Stations Study because of a number of issues with the railway infrastructure here and the close proximity to Bradford Forster Square and Frizinghall.

Marsh Lane (Leeds)

Located just east of Leeds railway station, this station is put forward to support connectivity to Leeds Bus Station and new developments to the east of Leeds city centre.


Located on the railway line between Leeds and Castleford, this proposal is supported by Alec Shelbrooke MP.


Located east of Leeds railway station on the line towards York. It was ruled out in 2014 because the location was too close to Leeds city centre.

Ossett Parkway

Located on the Huddersfield to Wakefield line, this station was ruled out in 2014 because of issues with the track layout past the nearby Healey Mills yard site and access from the nearby road.


A number of proposals have been put forward to restore a railway station near Rotherham on the mainline north of Sheffield. One proposal has been to restore Rotherham Masborough, whilst another has been to locate a station at Rotherham Parkgate alongside the tram stop, north of the town centre.

Seacroft Hospital

Located east of Leeds railway station on the line towards York. It was ruled out in 2014 because the location was too close to Leeds city centre.

Thorpe Park

This station would be located east of Cross Gates railway station on the Leeds-Selby/York railway line at Thorpe Park.

Thornhill Lees

Located east of Ravensthorpe on the Wakefield-Huddersfield route, the station was ruled out in stage 2 of the New Stations Study because of the low service frequency and  domination of short journeys to Wakefield and Huddersfield, leading to poor revenue generation.


Located between Keighley and Steeton & Silsden, this proposal has been mooted on a number of occasions.

White Rose Centre/Millshaw

A station has been proposed for both the Huddersfield and Wakefield lines that run either side of the White Rose Centre. The Huddersfield line has traditionally been viewed as the favourite although there are concerns that capacity limitations could impact (and possibly close) nearby Cottingley if a station is developed here. This station is one of three proposals being developed by Leeds City Council.


This station was ruled out in stage 2 of the New Stations Study because of the challenges delivering a half hourly service to this station and the limited access to the station site.

Railway Lines

In addition, there are a number of proposed railway lines for reopening.

York – Beverley (Minsters Line)

East Riding of Yorkshire council approved the submission of a bid to restore the railway line between York and Beverley. The sponsoring MP is not known. Stamford Bridge, Market Weighton and Pocklington are potential contenders for restored stations on the route if this proposal progressed.

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Wortley Curve

Located west of Leeds, this curve would enable trains from the Calder Valley line to travel towards Wakefield, Sheffield and the East Midlands without reversing at Leeds railway station. Application supported by Rachel Reeves MP.

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Stocksbridge – Sheffield

This freight line runs north west of Sheffield through the Don Valley. There are potential connectivity issues at the Sheffield end without a reversal, creation of a new station or connecting into Sheffield Supertram. Application supported by Miriam Cates MP

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Sheffield – Chesterfield (Barrow Hill line)

Restoring a passenger service on the Barrow Hill railway line that is currently used by freight services and a small number of passenger services.


Barnsley – Wakefield

The North Midland line connecting Barnsley and Wakefield has been sponsored by Dan Jarvis MP

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Skipton – Colne

Proposal connects Skipton with Colne, primarily using the former railway route. There are challenges that need to be resolved before the route opens including how it crosses the A56 in the Earby area, which was crossed by a level crossing by the previous railway line.


Restoration of the national rail connection to Wetherby has focused on the lines towards Leeds via Crossgates, and Harrogate. Development on the formation between Crossgates and Wetherby has made restoration more difficult.

Spen Valley line (Bradford – Dewsbury)

Doncaster-Sheffield Airport chord

More information about this proposal is discussed above.


There have been various proposal put forward to reconnect Otley to the rail network. Most proposals try to reuse the former trackbed that connected the Wharfedale line to the Harrogate line. Some proposals try to serve Leeds-Bradford Airport as well.

Penistone – Hadfield (Woodhead Railway)

Closed in the early 1980’s as volumes being moved across the Pennines fell. The relatively low speed of the formation and issues integrating new services on the line into a busier rail network into Manchester have knocked the business case for restoring the route.

Hull – Withernsea

Hull – Hornsea

Harrogate – Ripon – Northallerton

Leeds Bradford Airport branch

West Yorkshire Mass Transit

Otley, Leeds Bradford Airport, Bradford-Dewsbury, north Leeds


  1. You are ten years behind the times regarding Ripon.

    A full feasibility study was done in 2005 for reinstating Harrogate-Ripon. BCR was 1.3 including construction and operating costs so Ripon should be well up your list of top 15.
    BCR was too low to continue.

    Planning has been done since 2011 on reinstating Harrogate-Ripon-Northallerton to create a through route from Leeds to the North avoiding congested York. Early estimates give a BCR of 3.5-4.0 including construction and operating costs so please put Ripon where it deserves to be in your list.

    We are searching for funding for an updated benefit/cost analysis to confirm our estimates of BCR for a through route..

    You don’t even has us down as a campaign Group after 27 years of campaigning.

    Watch this space.

    Leeds Northern Railway Reinstatement Group.

    1. Thank you for your contribution. As a single person tracking what is approaching 250 proposals to add railway stations to the rail network via a small website, it can be difficult to monitor every development, particularly as other projects that are further along the delivery process create so much news. 2015 is a big year for rail expansion with three line openings and at least 15 stations joining the network. It’s also been marred by delays of most of the station reopenings. I am aware of the campaign to restore rail services to Ripon and have sadly not had the opportunity to add more details about the recent updates due to personal time constraints. That is something I am hoping to address over the holiday period. I believe you are looking at the list of links. The last time I updated these was about four months ago and when I checked the website for RiponRail, it had not been updated for two years. I didn’t want to link to what was potentially an outdated page that may no longer even be managed by the group. If it was hacked because it was not being maintained, I would be unhappy with any users of my site being impacted by that. The other issue is that most of the lists on this site are arranged in either expected date of opening or (most likely) alphabetical order.

      If you do have an updated website or can confirm that RiponRail WordPress is the best place for interested parties looking for more information, I will be more than happy to add the link. In addition, I am more than happy to post details for any interested people to contact you or join a mailing list if you have one in the next update I do about the latest developments.

      I will certainly be watching your groups progress. The recent reports are very positive on the long road to restoring Ripon back to the rail network.

      Good Luck

      Kind regards


    1. Hi Graham,

      I have not updated these pages recently and I can only apologise for not adding Askern to this list. I will update it immediately. I have been following your Facebook group for some time and look forward to further positive developments. Please keep in touch.

      Kind regards


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