Proposed Stations List

There are hundreds of proposed railway stations in the UK. This website logs the latest developments for these projects as supporters and advocates move these proposals forward. The information listed on these pages is by no means exhaustive and if you have any suggestions or updates, please don’t hesitate to comment on this page or tweet me.

Stations expected to open soon

A small number of railway stations will be opening in the next few years. These are listed with their expected opening dates on the proposed opening dates page.

Heritage Railways

There are a number of proposals to extend heritage railways across the UK. A summary of the latest updates can be found on the Heritage Railways extensions page.

Light Rail and Rapid Transit

There are proposals to expand the network of Light Rail and Rapid Transit. The schemes are listed on this page.

Regional Pages.

More information about the proposed railway stations and lines can be found on the regional pages linked to below;

East Anglia

East Midlands

London and South East

North East

North West


South West


West Midlands



    1. Hi Tony,
      You are entirely correct. I have not updated these pages recently. I have removed Ebbw Vale Town from the list and added some additional candidates. Thank you for reading the site and drawing my attention to this.
      Kind regards

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