Welsh Government New Railway Station Prioritisation

Updated: 31 August 2019

The Welsh Government New Railway Station Prioritisation is not a funding scheme in the traditional sense where successful projects will receive funding that will support construction of the railway station or line. It is a methodology to accelerate the pre construction development work for proposed Welsh railway stations to a position where they can bid for future funding opportunities such as the New Stations Fund. This is also known as making projects shovel ready.

Stage 1

The Welsh Government has completed stage 1 of this project. Forty six railway stations were proposed according to correspondence sent to Welsh Assembly Members. The initial list provided by the Welsh Government in response to a freedom of information request contains 48 proposals. The stations highlighted in bold were taken forward into stage 2.

Proposals have come from a number of sources including National Transport Finance Plan and work on the South East Wales Metro.

  1. Abertillery
  2. Brackla
  3. Bridgend College
  4. Cardiff Airport
  5. Carleon
  6. Coedkernew
  7. Crumlin
  8. Crwys Road
  9. Cwmbach North
  10. Ely Mill/Victoria Park
  11. Gabalfa
  12. Glyncoch
  13. Herbert Street Bridge
  14. Hirwaun
  15. Llanwern
  16. Loudon Square
  17. Magor
  18. Maindy
  19. Mamhilad
  20. Miskin
  21. M4 J34
  22. Nantgarw
  23. Newport Road/Rover Way
  24. Newport West
  25. Roath Park/Wedal Road
  26. Sarn Park
  27. Sebastapol
  28. Splott
  29. St Athan
  30. St Fagans
  31. St Mellons
  32. Upper Boat
  33. Llantrisant
  34. Talbot Green
  35. Beddau
  36. Cockett
  37. Landore
  38. St Clears
  39. Templeton
  40. Bow Street
  41. Carno
  42. Howey
  43. Abermule
  44. Broughton
  45. Deeside Industrial Park/Northern Gateway 
  46. North Wrexham
  47. South Wrexham
  48. Llangefni

Stage 2

In late August 2019, the results of stage 2 of the work were released into the public domain. Four stations (highlighted in bold) were identified for further work as part of stage 3.

  1. Ely Mill/Victoria Park
  2. St Clears
  3. Deeside Industrial Park/Northern Gateway
  4. Carno
  1. Llanwern
  2. Newport Road/Rover Way
  3. St Mellons
  4. Cockett
  5. Landore
  6. North Wrexham
  7. South Wrexham
  8. Llangefni