Scottish Stations Investment Fund

The Scottish Stations Investment Fund (SSIF) was launched in April 2012 to provide a £30 million fund to support new railway stations and existing station refurbishments in Scotland. Transport Scotland are looking for bids from communities and developers to enhance railway stations and deliver new ones. It will be operational from 2014.

Transport Scotland provided the following advice for potential bidders looking to bid for support from the Scottish Stations Investment Fund. Click here for the further information.

Promoters of new railway stations are expected to work with the local Regional Transport Board to ensure that the proposal fits within the priorities of the local area. The promoter is expected to then prepare a transport appraisal in accordance with the Scottish Government’s Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) that is aligned with the local, regional and national development plans and policies of Local Authorities, Regional Transport Partnerships and Transport Scotland respectively.

If the proposal is aligned with STAG, and provides evidence to support the consideration of a new station on the Scottish network, promoters should also:

  • Ensure the proposal takes account of Network Rail’s guidance, Investment in Stations: A Guide for Promoters and Developers.
  • Discuss with Transport Scotland the possibility of incorporating stops at the station into existing or additional franchised services.

The promoter will then be required to submit the proposal to Network Rail in accordance with this process, detailing the investment case and including (not limited to):

  •  Benefit to Cost Ratio (BCR) and Net Present Value (NPV)
  •  Wider benefits (not captured by BCR)
  •  Third party funding
  •  Further development funding
  •  Impact on the rail network and current services
  •  Impact on revenue/franchise subsidy
  •  Alignment with local, regional and national priorities
  •  Station access assessment
  •  Assurance of land availability

The Regional Transport Boards have been discussing numerous projects to reopen railway stations and these have driven a substantial number of projects and campaigns to open railway stations forward. A list of proposed railway stations can be found here.

A number of schemes have been successful seeking an allocation, with funding allocated to three proposed railway stations.

Kintore – £7,670,000

Robroyston –  £7,129,000

Inverness Airport (Dalcross) – £3,340,000



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