Railway Stations

A number of additional railway station proposals were supported by the first round of Growth Deals. Some of the projects were fully funded, whilst feasibility studies and some of the costs were covered for others.

Maghull North

The Government provisionally committed £6.2m for the development of Maghull North Station in 2016/7. The LEP is to fully develop the plans and secure the local investment. The proposed station would be located on the Merseyrail network between Maghull and Town Green.

Worcestershire Parkway

A provisional allocation of £7.5m Local Growth Fund to take forward Worcestershire Parkway Station in later years. The station would serve both the Chiltern Line and the XC Network and the remainder of the costs would come from a loan that would be paid off using car parking charges.

Thanet Parkway

Provisional funding from 2016/17 onwards of £10 million from the government has been allocated towards Thanet Parkway Railway Station. It would sit on the line between Ebbsfleet International and Ramsgate serving a number of areas including the recently closed Manston Airport.

Reading Green Park

£9m is to be jointly invested by the government and the LEP into the delivery of a railway station at Reading Green Park. The government is going to use £6.4m of pre committed LGF to fund this LTB scheme (the other being Newbury Kings Road Link. The station would be located on the railway line between Reading and Basingstoke.

West Cornwall Transport  Interchange

Provisional allocation of £4.5m in 2016/17 and beyond for the West Cornwall Transport Interchange, which would be created through improvements to St Erth Railway Station.

Marsh Barton and Edginswell

An indicative allocation of £0.6m to invest in Marsh Barton and Edginswell Station in 2016/17.

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