Railway Lines

Halton Curve

The government has committed £10.4 million towards the Halton Curve for 2016/7 allocation. The LEP is to secure local funding and fully develop the proposal.

The Halton Curve has been a rarely used chord only available for use in one direction (northbound). It currently has one train per week on Summer Saturdays.  The campaign to reopen it has gathered momentum in recent months particularly with the benefits to connect North Wales to Liverpool. Network Rail has also advised that costs to restore the line have been cut if funding is committed so that the project is delivered when work is undertaken on other junctions in the area.


£1m has been allocated to Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP to support the development of a package of measures to support growth and regeneration, improve accessibility and address congestion in and around the town of Wisbech. Government will provide up to a further £10.5m for scheme delivery for the Wisbech Access Strategy, on condition that the development work results in an acceptable and deliverable package of transport measures. £500,000 is expected to support feasibility studies into dualling some roads around the town and the restoration of the railway line between March and Wisbech. The LEP have committed to ensuring the Wisbech Access Strategy is progressed on time to inform both capital bids in future Deal rounds and Network Rail investment planning


Government will provide a provisional allocation of £8.5m for MetroWest Phase 1 from 2016/17 onwards to add to the £44.9m LTB pre-allocated funding for this project.

In addition, Government will invest £3.2m to support the early development phase of MetroWest Phase 2.

The West of England LEP will invest £23.2m in MetroWest and sustainable transport.

Finally, the stakeholders agreed to identify solutions to deliver the rolling stock for the new services.


The Slough Rapid Transit project (£5.6m with £3.6 committed for 2015/6 from the Government and £1.8m from the LEP) will provide a part-segregated bus priority corridor along the A4, linking Slough trading estate to Slough town centre, Slough Crossrail station and M4 Junction 5 at Brands Hill. As well as facilitating public transport commuting to the town centre and trading estate, will provide a reliable link to Crossrail (and its later phase Heathrow Airport) for businesses.

The Government has also made provisional commitments to a suite of priority transport projects that start from 2016/17 onwards including improvements to Maidenhead railway station (£6.8m) in anticipation of Crossrail.

£1.5m from Central Government and £0.2m from the LEP into improving sustainable transport links to the Crossrail station in Taplow (linking Slough and Maidenhead).

£0.5m from Central Government and £1.7m from the LEP into improving sustainable transport links to the Crossrail station in Iver.

East West Rail

£1.8m from Central Government and £0.5m from the LEP into improving bus and cycle connections between Buckingham and the East West Rail station in Winslow.

Invest £1.3m from Central Government and £2.3m in Bicester London Road Level Crossing to provide a pedestrian / cycle crossing to provide sustainable access into Bicester town centre (£0.8m 2015/16)

Invest £1.5m (£1m in 2015/16) from Central Government  and £2.5m from the LEP in the Bletchley Station redevelopment, Milton Keynes.

Coventry (North-South Rail)

Improve passenger capacity and train service frequency between Coventry and Nuneaton and construct a bay platform at Coventry.

Invest £4.9m of Local Growth Fund in 2015/16 and a further £15.1m from 2016/17 from the Central Government and £29.4m of local funding between 2015 and 2018.


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