Connecting Communities – Five Years On

Connecting Communities – Five Years On is a mini series that marks the fifth anniversary since the publication of the Connecting Communities report by ATOC in June 2009. It reviews the progress of the stations and lines proposed in the report.

A number of projects have made substantial progress (with Ilkeston and Kenilworth funded and due to open shortly), whilst others have not made any progress towards opening.



Railway Lines


As of June 2014, these tables summarise the progress made on the named projects.


Three of the seven railway stations proposed are expected to open in the next three years.

Station Summary
Rushden (Northamptonshire) No Progress
Peterlee (County Durham) 2016
Kenilworth (Warwickshire) 2016
Ilkeston (Derbyshire) 2014
Clay Cross (Derbyshire) Support but little progress
Ossett (W Yorkshire) WYCA Review due mid 2014
Wantage (Oxfordshire) Support and some progress

Railway Lines

A number of the proposals have received substantial investment in terms of studies. Unfortunately, none of them have had strong enough business cases to proceed to construction at this stage but a small number are looking promising for delivery over the next five years.

Order Railway Line BCR Summary
1 Hythe 4.8 GRIP3. Now parked
2 Brixham 3 No interest
3 Bordon 1.9 GRIP3. Now parked
4 Fleetwood 1.8 Local Council exploring options
5 Rawtenstall 1.8 Local Council exploring options
6 Aldridge 1.7 LEP looking into funding
7 Brownhills 1.7 Very little interest
8 Cranleigh 1.7 Very little interest. Local Council Reviewed options in 90’s
9 Ringwood 1.5 No interest
10 Washington (Leamside) 1.4 LEP/PTE looking at options
11 Leicester to Burton 1.3 Very little interest. Local Council reviewed options in 2008
12 Skelmesdale 1.1 LEP/PTE looking at options to deliver this
13 Ashington and Blyth 1.1 Priced option in Northern Rail Franchise consultation
14 Wisbech 1.1 Council/MP looking at options and campaigning
19 Portishead * Station Location Consultation open at moment. Due 2019.

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