Wisbech could go to public consultation this year

A public consultation into restoring the railway line serving Wisbech could be held this year according to an update to a scrutiny committee. The project faces two major challenges. The volume of level crossings has ramped up the cost, contributing to the failure of the scheme to attract funding from the Restoring Your Railway fund. in addition, capacity issues at Ely North junction would prevent the half hourly service to Cambridge that is being sought.

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  1. Sorry, you have got it completely wrong about the Restoring Your Railway Fund, which is irrelevant. The RYR’s mandate was only to offer chunks of £50,000 to develop brand new ideas. The March-Wisbech project is way beyond this.

    1. Restoring Your Railway fund was allocated up to £500m and had three separate funding pots. Ideas fund, which offered up to £50k towards proposals for initial studies, Accelerating Existing Proposals, which offered larger pots of funding to enable progress and the third round of the New Stations Fund.

      Details of bids to the Accelerating Existing Proposals funding pot have not been shared but I would expect March-Wisbech to have qualified to seek money from this funding pot alongside other projects that require more money to progress such as Ashington.

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