End of Year Review

The last 12 months have given the railway industry and stakeholders looking to enhance it a lot to consider. The impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt through many direct and indirect impacts. The expected timetable and funding recast to account for the new demands of the railway has not fully landed. Some changes may create an opportunity, whilst other schemes will face further challenges.

The substantial impact that a railway connection can have has not reduced enthusiasm for proposed schemes. More schemes are being put forward and a good number appear quite close to fruition. A recent discussion on the number of station that would open by 2030 and just a quick run through of the schemes showing promise gave a good thirty schemes. Fair to say, this site will have plenty to cover in the next few years and I hope to be able to apply the [opened] tag to more stations on this site.

Campaigners should not underestimate the challenges that schemes face. Carbon budgets, the impact on SSSI’s and the impact on existing transport services are just some of the issues that have contributed to opposition or delays to schemes this year.

Review of 2021

Two railway stations joined the national rail network this year. This is the lowest number of railway stations opened in a calendar year since 2014. Two tube stops also joined the London Underground network.

The site continues to be popular with readers interested in the next steps for expanding the railway network. One of the biggest contributors to new interest is the annual release of the estimates of station usage. The number of railway stations is a matter of many discussions and this site receives a lot of interest.

Thank you to everyone who contribute articles and nudges to me. From the seasoned campaigners and railway staff sharing a nudge about a proposal or funding scheme to the person asking innocently asking about a former railway, you all contribute towards the many articles that are on this website.

Looking ahead to 2022

Some of the schemes that were expected to open during 2021 have been delayed. It is expected that they will contribute towards a very busy 2022.

The Elizabeth line opening is expected to be the biggest contributor to new railway stations in 2022. Five new national rail stations will join the network when it opens.

  • Canary Wharf (completely new station)
  • Woolwich (completely new station)
  • Bond Street (new national rail station)
  • Tottenham Court Road (new national rail station)
  • Custom House (new national rail station)

Eight further railway stations are expected to join the network in 2022. Barking Riverside will add a new line of track to the rail network.

In addition, there are expected to be three extensions to existing light rail networks opened, plus a new shuttle serving Luton Airport

  • West Midlands Metro Hagley Road Extension – New Stops: Brindleyplace, Five Ways, Hagley Road
  • Luton Airport DART – New Stops: Luton Airport, Luton Airport Parkway
  • Blackpool Tram Blackpool North Extension – New Stops: Talbot Square, Blackpool North
  • West Midlands Metro Wolverhampton City Centre Extension – New Stops: Pipers Row, Wolverhampton Railway Station

Happy New Year and best wishes for you all in 2022.

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