Construction progresses at Reston

A recent holiday has offered me the opportunity to visit the site of the railway station under construction at Reston. The photos were taken on Friday 11th June 2021

An LNER service powers north through the station site signified by the new portals that have been installed in the distance. In the middle distance to the right is the former railway line to Duns and on to St Boswells. It fully closed to passengers in 1951
Photographed from the south east of the station site is the large crawler crane, which has been installing concrete sections that will make up the platforms
Precast concrete sections have been installed to support the northbound platform.
The new portals are shown here. The overhead wires for the southbound line have been transferred to the new portals whilst the northbound line remains on the former single masts
Precast concrete sections wait to be installed on site

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