Concerns raised at East West Rail impact near St Neots

A council meeting has raised concerns about the structures required to cross land east of St Neots. Dependent on the alignment chosen, there could be two viaducts required to ensure that the route crosses existing infrastructure including the A428 road.

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  1. Building a new railway line usually requires the construction of embankments; cuttings; bridges and viaducts because trains can not climb steep gradiants, which (along with sharp curves), reduce speed and thus, journey times. The final planned route will have to be an economic and environmental compromise between the undulating topography of the area and the straight and level ideal preference for rail. I have no doubt that most residents appreciate this point and am surprised the Town Council do not.

    I agree that plans for the railway and the new A428 should be conducted on a more unified basis, especially in terms of a joint road and rail bridge over the river Great Ouse, which would cost less than two separate structures.

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