Organisations share proposals to improve border connectivity

Organisations have shared their responses to the call for evidence to the Union Connectivity Review.

Belford Parish Council, located south of Berwick, have put forward a railway station at Belford, The proposed station could be served by the Chathill terminator, which uses the infrastructure at Belford to reverse and return south. The council outlines the benefits that its location next to the A1 would be better than the current station at Chathill.

The High Speed Rail Group put forward opportunities to improve connectivity between the regions and through border areas.

  • Upgrade the WCML north of Crewe
  • Create a High Speed rail route between Birmingham and Cardiff
  • Upgrade Newport-Shrewsbury-Crewe
  • Extend the Borders Railway to Carlisle
  • Create the Manchester Airport Western rail link and upgrade the route to Holyhead
  • Create a cross Irish Sea rail tunnel, providing improved connectivity to Belfast and south west Scotland

Source: Belford Parish Council proposals and High Speed Rail Group

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