Barrhead South opening date slips to 2025

A meeting of the Glasgow City Region cabinet in early December has approved a new project schedule that will result in Barrhead South railway station not opening until 2025.

The city deal funded a railway station on the Glasgow-Neilston line with a bus interchange and car park. The station was expected be constructed by August 2021.

The programme update highlight delays and challenges trying to achieve approval of the STAG2 from Transport Scotland. Redeployment of resources at TS contributed to a six month response time to East Renfrewshire Council. Transport Scotland requested in October that the council consider the impact of Covid-19 on demand using scenarios but has not provided a defined approach for projects to set out the potential impacts of Covid-19.

The programme has now set an expected construction end date of January 2025.

Source: Glasgow City Region Cabinet Agenda – 08 December 2020

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