Councillor calls for Leeds Marsh Lane reopening

A senior councillor in Leeds has called for Leeds Marsh Lane to be reopened as part of proposals to increase city centre access to the rail network. The station would be located east of the main railway station on the route towards York and Hull.


Although the railway station would be incredibly useful for many people, the current railway lines in this area (only two tracks) will place this in the long grass as Network Rail tries to avoid the problems currently encountered on the Castlefield corridor. The potential saviour could be HS2 and NPR, which may create a new railway line out of Leeds in this direction. If it does, it could release sufficient capacity to create a metro service every 10/12/15 minutes that can stop at more stations.

If HS2 and NPR end up needing to use this line for trains then an option might be creating a new mass transit route on this corridor towards Garforth and potentially considering the closure of existing stations on this line.

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