Government allocates funding to Surrey Canal Road and Beaulieu Park

The government has announced the funding of two brand new railway stations in an announcement about five successful bids to the Housing Infrastructure Fund. Surrey Canal Road and Beaulieu Park are expected to be delivered within the next five years.

£218 million was allocated for the ‘Beaulieu Station and North-East bypass’ bid from Essex County Council to deliver a new railway station and road improvements to unlock up to 14k homes.

£80.8 million for the ‘East London Line – Growth Capacity’ bid from the GLA to deliver transport upgrades to unlock up to 14k homes.

In addition, Meridian Water railway station, which recently opened will receive a fourth track following a successful bid for £156m.

The Council is currently progressing its business case to secure £156m of funding from the Housing Infrastructure Fund to accelerate the delivery of important transport infrastructure at Meridian Water, as part of a bid being led by the GLA.. This funding, if secured in full, will help us to deliver a new central spine road, which will link the whole of Meridian Water to the new train station, and a fourth track from Tottenham Hale Station to Meridian Water Station, allowing six-eight trains per hour to run in the future.

Source:, Meridian Water website FAQ,

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