Navy volunteers assist with clearance work on Helston Railway extension

Volunteers from the Royal Navy have assisted the Helston Railway with clearing vegetation from a quarter of a mile of trackbed beyond Truthall Halt.

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  1. Well done reversing a bit more of Beechings mess of railway closure and the Helston Branch should never of closed in the first place. Best wishes with extending towards Helston.

  2. One day when I next visit Cornwall I will spend some time at the railway. I hope the extension work is going well and you will soon cross and viaduct and be back in Helston. You have restored the line back to its glorious looks the track bed is well maintained and you have a good amount of rolling stock Diesel and Steam.

  3. Hello it’s David Poulton, good to see your extending northwards. What your doing looks amazing. Best wishes for 2021, hoping it’s a great year for the railway, after all the sad times in 2020. Best wishes in the Steam Loco overhaul. Soon to be working trains on the extended railway. Best wishes David

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