Shuttle pods option promoted for Glasgow Airport Rail link

Ultra light pods on designated infrastructure are being investigated as an option to deliver a connection between the rail network at Paisley Gilmour Street and Glasgow Airport. Similar pods are used at Heathrow Airport to serve Terminal 5 and two car parks.

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Representatives from the local chambers of commerce have criticised the plan noting that the change of mode will put people and investors off.

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The Glasgow Airport Rail Link has been under development for decades with various options placed on the table. Although the most desirable option would be a direct train service into the city, the loading of trains has to be taken into account if the link is to use existing infrastructure.

The rapid transit pods offer a reliable piece of infrastructure that will enable users and employees of the airport to access the rail network quickly. They can meet high capacity requirements with the system at Heathrow demonstrating its capability to move up to 656 people with just 18 units in one hour.

The biggest concern will be the capacity of the trains when air passengers start arriving at Paisley Gilmour Street and Glasgow Central for their journeys. If this does become a problem, options are available to uplift capacity of either the rail network or extend the shuttle towards the railway stations on the north bank of the Clyde.

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