Proposed railway stations and Metrolink stops for Greater Manchester announced

Transport for Greater Manchester has announced a number of proposed railway stations that are being considered as priorities for further investigation in their recently published Transport Strategy. Not all of the station will be delivered by 2040.

The stations have been grouped into five cohorts.

Potential new Metrolink stops (subject to appropriate planning approvals and developer contributions)

Elton Reservoir, Cop Road and Sandhills

  • Potential new stations on rail lines where there is scope for existing services to call at the station
  • Golborne, Kenyon, Glazebury, Western Gateway, Cornbrook, Slattocks, Dewsnap, Gamesley High Lane and Stanley Green
  • Potential new stations which would be dependent on future introduction of metro/tram-train services
  • Pendlebury, White City, Timperley East, Gatley North and Adswood
  • Potential new stations that could be introduced if either a higher frequency rail or metro/tram-train services were to be introduced
  • Cheadle, Baguley, Little Hulton and Dobb Brow
  • Potential station replacements where the introduction of either new rail or tram- train services would require the replacement or major reconfiguration of existing stations to bring them up to standard
  • Lostock Parkway, Reddish South and Denton


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