Looking ahead to 2019

2019 is expected to see a number of railway stations join the rail network. Construction is progressing well on three railway stations and the Halton Curve is waiting for appropriate rolling stock to be made available for services. Although not listed on this site because it is already opened, Gainsborough Central (on the railway line between Retford and Barnetby), should see the service to it increase from three per week once the new Northern Railways timetable is implemented.

National Rail Stations

Meridian Water Summer 2019

Warrington West Summer 2019

Halton Curve (regular services) Summer 2019

Worcestershire Parkway 2019

Robroyston December 2019

Crossrail Not Confirmed

Light Railways

Blackpool North tram extension Summer 2019

Heritage Railways

Corwen Central

Other projects are expected to progress with opening dates expected in early 2020. These include Portway Park and Ride, Horden, Bow Street and Reading Green Park. Barking Riverside will also commence work.

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  1. Hi im bill were trying to reopen an old railway line from macduff to elgin as a narrow gauge line were called the northeast narrow gauge heritage railway. were looking for volunteers and anyone thats willing to help us get up and running our railway were going to open it in sections.

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