2017-18 station usage statistics released

All railway stations that have joined the railway network in the last five years have experienced growth compared to 2016/17. The Office of Rail and Road has published the estimates of station usage for 2017-18, providing a snapshot into the usage of railway stations on the national rail network. The dataset provides information about 2,563 railway stations that were part of the national rail network until 31 March 2018. Three further railway stations have joined the railway network since 1 April 2018, corroborating the current position of 2,566 railway stations on the national rail network.

133,060 entries and exits were recorded from Low Moor railway station in 2017/18. This photo was taken on 2 April 2017 when the railway station opened. Note the substantial access provision and construction that mark a substantial departure from railway stations opened in the 1980’s

Three railway stations opened in 2017/18

Cambridge North

488,788 entries and exits from this railway station in the 10 months that it opened, correlating with press releases from Greater Anglia. The station was 901st busiest station on the rail network.

Low Moor

133,060 entries and exits from this railway station. The station is served by an hourly service in both directions demonstrating the substantial demand for this railway station.


252,722 entries and exits from this railway station, placing it in the position of 1,270th busiest railway station. Nearby Langley Mill noted a drop in usage.

Three railway stations opened in 2016/17

Edinburgh Gateway – 284,436 entries and exits compared to 58,386 in the previous year. The station opened in December 2016, contributing to the jump as the first  year of full operation kicked in. Usage at South Gyle dropped 12.9% with comments made that the primary cause was abstraction by Edinburgh Gateway.

Kirkstall Forge achieved 150,208 entries and exits compared to 94,536 in the previous year, suggesting healthy growth continued.

Lea Bridge achieved 389,344 entries and exits compared to 314,986 in the previous year. It missed out on being in the top thousand railway stations by 24 places.

Eighteen railway stations opened in the three previous financial years.

Bermuda Park – there was 41% growth at Bermuda Park as the station reached 28,378 entries and exits compared to 20,106 the previous year.

Coventry Arena just missed out on 100,000 entries and exits (99,516) after growing from 86,706 in the previous year.

Cranbrook did reach six figures with 104,602 entries and exits and 1,700th place. In the previous year, it had managed 90,458.

Apperley Bridge achieved 372,442 entries and exits and a respectable 1,053rd place following 350,312 in the previous year.

Oxford Parkway entered the top 600 railway stations with 938,844 entries and exits following 809,812 in the previous year. A full year of Oxford-Marylebone services will have helped this railway station.

The Borders Railway experienced various levels of growth across the seven railway stations opened in 2015.

Station Name 1718 Entries & Exits 1617 Entries & Exits % Change
Eskbank 338,932 274,770 23%
Galashiels 356,262 346,264 3%
Gorebridge 115,102 98,218 17%
Newtongrange 157,016 141,644 11%
Shawfair 31,588 22,236 42%
Stow 69,834 67,474 3%
Tweedbank 436,978 436,232 0%
Borders Railway 1,505,712 1,386,838 9%

Newcourt – Having barely missed out on six figures in the previous year, it delivered 114,036 entries and exits in 2017/18.

Ebbw Vale Town – A small boost to passenger numbers placed this railway station in the top 1,300 railway stations.

Pye Corner experienced 18.9% growth to reach 96,698 entries and exits

James Cook University Hospital reached 33,774 following 31,402 in the previous year.

Energlyn and Churchill Park reached six figures (101,362)  after achieving 17.3% growth from the previous year (86,422).

Stratford-upon-Avon Parkway increased from 81,084 to 92,782.

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