Northern Line Extension update – May 2018

The Commissioners Report to the Transport for London Board on 23 May highlighted the latest position of construction work on the Northern Line Extension.

In the new railway tunnels the concrete on which the track will be laid has been cast and we have already installed some sections of track. Three cross passages, each approximately 20-30 metres long, have been excavated between the two tunnels to improve access to and from the railway in an emergency.

At the western end of the Battersea Power station site, two 20-metre overrun tunnels have also been excavated.

The large acoustic enclosure over the Kennington Green shaft has been removed, so the construction of the new headhouse and subway can begin. Work has also begun on pouring the Kennington Green shaft base slab and casting its internal concrete lining walls.

At the new Battersea Power station site, the station base slab has been cast and work is under way on internal columns and cross beams. The western core, which will house the lifts, emergency stairs and other services, is now nearing the station roof, the height of an eight- storey building.

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