New stations establish themselves in latest estimates of station usage

New railway stations have established themselves in the latest estimates of station usage for 2016/17 published by the ORR on Friday. A summary of the railway stations discussed in this article can be found here.

2016/17 openings 

Edinburgh Gateway opened on 11/12/16 with 58,386 entries and exits over 3.5 months.

Kirkstall Forge achieved 94,536 entries and exits in 9.5 months despite the mostly hourly service.

Lea Bridge achieved 314,986 entries and exits in 10.5 months.

2015/16 openings

Coventry Arena pushed 86,706 entries and exits which pushed a 57% increase on monthly passenger numbers compared to 2015/16, whilst Bermuda Park saw 20,106 entries and exits, which was a 75% increase on monthly passenger numbers.

Apperley Bridge achieved 350,312 entries and exits, whilst Cranbrook achieved 90,458 after opening in December 2015.

Oxford Parkway accelerated to over 800,000 with services extending to Oxford in December 2016.

Newcourt achieved just short of 100,000 entries and exits.

Ebbw Vale Town established itself with 232,206 entries and exits compared to 167,642 the previous year.

All of the railway stations on the Borders Railway established growth with Eskbank demonstrating substantial growth in relation to the other stations on the line.

2014/15 openings

Pye Corner achieved over 80,000  entries and exits after opening on 14 December.

James Cook University Hospital saw a small slip with 31,000 entries and exits.

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