Brighton Mainline 2 rejected by government report

A government report into Brighton Mainline 2 has rejected the proposal. It was released a few days after it was mentioned in the House of Commons.

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  1. The fact that 30 groups of stakeholders were consulted-meant the official case studies were never going to be impartial,and vested interests won the day with the rejection of BML2.
    (Just what is it the Southern Rail have on the government,to be able to disgustingly remain as they are and also discourage any competition with them??)

    With BML now the priority,the proposals to fix it funnily enough,do not include its biggest hindrance-The East Croydon bottleneck!

    EC station has only just been refitted with a new bridge and indicator boards-and now network rail are going to have it all demolished to accommodate 8 platforms!

    Mr Grayling should stop trying to look like the good cop here by encouraging the BML2 consortium to continue to raise funds..he is vastly senior to his Rail Minister,who made the final decision on BML2.


    I support BML2 but they didn’t help themselves here I think. The biggest selling point of the whole deal was its proposals to completely bypass East Croydon(and the bottleneck) but they obviously got rattled by the 2016 case study and decided to abandon reinstating Selsdon junction and its corridor to lewisham.

    The expensive,glossy multipage BML2 website did not contain any professional,architectural images of how and exactly where everything would fit into the environment-size of construction sites required,start/entry points for tunnels,rail crossover positionings,rerouting Tramlink etc.residents need to know accurately how it will be done and fully understand the impact it has on them.

    Better luck for next time let’s hope.

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