Fresh risk to Rotherham Tram Train project

Concerns have been raised following an update to the next meeting of the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority Transport Committee. The project timeline for opening has slipped to summer 2018. However, a contractual long stop date of 15 September 2017, allowing any partner a mechanism to terminate their involvement if the service was not operating by that date. This date will clearly not be achieved and this has allowed Stagecoach Supertram to review their commercial operating contract. This matter is presently being negotiated with SYPTE and DfT.

The update with regards to the vehicles was more positive with the units due to commence operation on the network soon. In addition, the new owners were more positive with regards to the Parkgate stop. The new owners are demonstrating an increased positive interest in the service and SYPTE are re-negotiating the arrangements with the owners to secure a footpath link to new stop and dedicated park and ride arrangements.

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