Review of 2016

When we began 2016, there were a number of proposed railway stations and lines that were set to be completed by the end of the year. Whilst the year has been reasonably successful with five railway stations, a number of projects have been postponed to 2017. 
Successful openings

Coventry Arena – Along with Bermuda Park, this railway station opened on 18 January 2016. Although it has been subject to controversy due to the lack of rolling stock to accomodate passengers after events at the arena, the station attracted nearly 12,000 passengers in its first few months of operation.
Bermuda Park – this railway station also opened on 18 January 2016. Just over 2,000 passengers used the railway station in the first few months of operation.
Lea Bridge – this railway station opened during the evening of 15 May 2016.
Kirkstall Forge – this railway station opened on 19 June 2016.
Edinburgh Gateway – this railway station and Edinburgh tram stop interchange opened on 11 December 2016

The year has also been successful for reaching major milestones for many proposed rail stations. This has been pushed in part by the New Stations Fund round 2 announcement, which has moved a number of projects to update the relevant documentation. Other funding options have triggered the start date for the construction of projects including Trafford Centre Metrolink extension. The short-medium term shows that the appetite for building new railway lines and stations has not abated. However, it is showing a worrying increase in costs and timescales that are affecting the delivery of proposed stations without central government support. 

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