Positive economic case for Cranbrook East railway station

The following report will be presented to the Devon and Exeter Rail Project Working Party on Friday 15th July.

It was reported at the last meeting that a study was being undertaken to establish the feasibility of creating a second station east of the current one at Cranbrook. The economic case for a second station is considered to be positive and the linear nature of the expansion towards the east and west of the current Phase 1 development means that rail is well placed to provide good access to key destinations around Exeter and beyond. There is now an ongoing study to investigate further the possible location for a station at Cranbrook East.

Network Rail are progressing a GRIP 2 study on Exeter – Castle Cary via Yeovil
enhancements to improve resilience for Paddington – Exeter services diverted in times of disruption. At the County Council’s request this has included infrastructure options to enable a half hourly frequency between Exeter and Honiton including the potential for the second Cranbrook station noted above. Funding options are being examined to take work forward to the next stage.

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