Portishead Consultation launches Monday

A public consultation into the reopening of the Portishead branch is to be launched on Monday 22nd June and run until 3rd August. This is the Stage 1 consultation.

The purpose of the stage 1 consultation is to set out in broad terms what the re-opening of the Portishead line entails and to seek views from the community and stakeholders on these works before the detailed engineering design is undertaken. We will use stage 1 consultation responses to inform the engineering design process and then proceed with stage 2 consultation, in autumn 2015. The purpose of stage 2 consultation is to seek views from the community and stakeholders on the detailed proposals (including engineering design), before they are finalised so that there is an opportunity to make final adjustments to the proposals before the application for development consent is submitted.

All stakeholders are encouraged to review the consultation document and respond before the closing date.

Consultation Website

Online version of consultation leaflet


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