Candidates back Somerton and Langport stations

All of the political candidates fighting for the Somerton and Frome seat have backed the delivery of railway stations at Somerton and Langport.

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  1. Regarding the proposal to reinstate lines in Buchan,I remember that the route split into two at Maud and in steam days this required dividing the train and hitching a second locomotive and crew to traverse the not particularly direct branch into Peterhead!,however from Ellon there was also a closed line going directly towards Peterhead which only ran as far as Boddam a few short miles south of Peterhead.Should it not be a strategy to plan a new Buchan railway to take the Boddam route,obtain a new right of way from Boddam to a new through station for Peterhead and then consider a new connection towards Fraserburgh so that these growing towns serving the Buchan Area could be served by a single train for passenger traffic with the possibility of serving Peterhead Harbour for Freight, which Harbour has enormous potential for shipping development,From Peterhead to Fraserburgh there would presumably be the options of utilising some or all of the former route formation back via Maud to serve the Mintlaw and Longside area and Strichen but the former layout at Maud would have been a reversal requirement as well as being a circuitous route between Peterhead and Fraserburgh, so it might be better to consider a long new Chord from Mintlaw to New Leeds and rejoin the original route or to forge a completely new line parallel to the A90 close to St Fergus and the Coast a revived Buchan line would assuredly be a less costly construction than to provide an extension of the hugely expensive Aberdeen by pass from Balmedie.The writer would not rule out the viability of a daily through service from Edinburgh and or Glasgow to Fraserburgh!.

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