Borders line should be extended to Carlisle

The Scottish Affairs Committee has called for the Borders Railway to be extended to Carlisle as part of a programme to deliver a better deal for people of the South of Scotland. The reports key recommendations have been summarised below with a key driver being that all stakeholders should work together to produce and action joint strategies where different but related areas sit within different governments and organisations remits because of their geographical location.

40. Given the cross-border nature of the economy in the south of Scotland, the Campaign for Borders Rail (CBR) sought the re-establishment of the through route between the central Borders, Hawick and Carlisle. They stated that a reinstated railway would “also serve a strategic purpose linking the region directly to cities in the north west of England”. We found support for this in principle from the Scottish Borders Council, Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce, local MPs and many MSPs and councillors, and note that the potential line of route had been protected from further adverse development in the local development plans of both Scottish Borders Council and Carlisle City & District Council.

41. We look forward to the re-opening of the Borders Railway link between Edinburgh and Galashiels. We urge the UK Government to work with the Scottish Government and with key agencies on both sides of the border to extend the Borders Railway southwards from Galashiels, to Hawick and on to Carlisle.

Source: Scottish Affairs Committee

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