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  1. I have just renewed my Senior railcard and would love to be able to use it to travel to and from Chard Junction. Moreso since the recent proposals to penalise owners/drivers of diesel cars. If I am to be charged extra for entering towns such as Taunton or Exeter at some time in the not too distant future, I would see rail travel as my preferred option. Whilst I do not like to put ideas of increased taxes into the minds of those who impose them, a rail service at Chard Junction could inevitable lead to increased demand for homes in the area, increased property values, ergo, higher council charges! Perhaps we folk in the South Chard, Tatworth, Forton area might also get some other benefits, such as a small supermarket, a doctors surgery and dare I say it, a coffee bar!! REOPEN CHARD JUNCTION RAILWAY STATION, PLEASE!

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