New Stations Study supports four Yorkshire stations

The results of the New Stations Study undertaken by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority have been reported to the Transport Committee. Sixty two potential options have been reviewed with four having the potential to demonstrate a good business case.

  • A parkway station in the east Leeds rail corridor (Leeds)
  • Elland (Calderdale)
  • Haxby (York)
  • Crosshills (Craven)

The Transport Committee agreed that the four stations should be progressed for further study.

East Leeds Parkway

The report recommended that the on-going development and feasibility work for East Leeds Parkway (Leeds) should continue.

Previous, detailed studies for East Leeds Parkway have presented a strong case for the new station. It is recommended that this station should continue to be promoted in order to identify potential funding opportunities considered as part of wider East of Leeds corridor study tied with planned electrification. It was also noted that any work should be tied in with the proposed station at Thorpe Park.


Working with Calderdale Council, that a detailed work programme be developed to include timetable feasibility and outline business case work for Elland (Calderdale), including an element of non-abortive early stage ‘GRIP’ feasibility design work. A further report seeking funding approval to carry out this work will be brought to the Committee later this year.


The 2013 New Stations Fund submission for Haxby presented a very strong case for the new station. It is recommended that this station should continue to be promoted in order to identify potential funding opportunities.

Crosshills (Craven)

That Crosshills (Craven) station site is noted as having a potentially strong business case, but is for North Yorkshire County Council to lead.

The construction assessment has highlighted a potential issue with the nearby level crossing. The financial assessment has also highlighted that potential ticketing arrangements around the Metro ticketing boundary should be investigated further prior to more detailed business case work. This site has been recommended for further study, as it would appear that if the issues surrounding the level crossing can be resolved, the station would appear to have a promising case.

Seven further options were also noted as having potential after the first stage review but the report recommended no further development work takes place because of timetable issues and the potential disbenefits to existing rail users.



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