Lea Bridge Station Decision Postponed

A decision with regards to Lea Bridge has been postponed. A meeting was due to be held on 22nd January. Lea Bridge was one of the railway stations that was funded under the DfT’s New Stations Fund. Funding will only be provided if the railway station opens by December 2015.

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Further investigation into the story reveals that the most likely reason for the postponement was because three rail freight operators have raised objections. It is understood that Network Rail are in discussion to resolve the objections with timescales for the reopening of the station likely to be firmed up during Spring 2015.

Stella Creasy MP Newsletter

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  1. Yes one of the most neglected, depressing areas in Waltham Forest – so near yet (currently) so far from surrounding areas (Westfield Stratford) that have received literally billions of pounds in regeneration. The promise and hope of locals was that Lea Bridge (which has suffered the inconvenience of the aforesaid works for years) would be given the opportunity to connect to these neighbours in a way that didn’t require between 45 and 60 minutes to get to Westfield on public transport or putting vehicle strain on a road infrastructure already struggling to cope under the strain. For tens of thousands of people this would transform the commute to work and open up the area and attract desperately needed inward investment. This is a very small investment for the potential return and it is high time the obstacles were overcome and the regeneration work commences. The benefits are evident – a no brainer. Come on Waltham Forest make it happen!

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