Changes to Ilkeston Station Plans

Changes to the station plans for Ilkeston Railway Station are set to be submitted this week to reduce the costs because of the additional flood prevention work required.

The changes include

  • Shorter Platforms
  • Reduced Size of Car Park to 90 parking spaces
  • Separate disabled parking and taxi area
  • Single entrance and exit to the car park

Three new planning applications will need to be submitted because the site straddles two local authorities. The car park sits in Broxtowe, the station sites in Erewash and the footbridge covers both local authorities. Although the revisied changes still need to approved, Derbyshire County Council are confident that the station will be delivered by the end of 2015.

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  1. Once again this shows the ineptitude of the Erewash Borough (laughingly called) Council for over 20 years Ilkeston has been crying out for a railway station yet in under 4 years a college is flattened and permission is granted for another supermarket to be built and yet once the idea of a station comes to fruition excuses abound about why its delayed newts floods etc etc etc somehow it reminds me of a certain ring road that was supposed to ease traffic in Ilkeston that doesn’t actually go around anything need I say more?

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