Apperley Bridge Railway Station Update – January 2015

The Bradford District Consultation Sub-Committee is due to meet on 23rd January 2015. The following update has been produced for Apperley Bridge Rail Station.

2.9. Work is progressing well on site with the car park starting to take shape. Work on the railway itself has now also commenced and will progress initially with the relocation of existing assets to clear the site required for platform construction. The station is on programme for opening in August 2015.

The April update and photos of the progress being made can be found here


  1. Hi, is the Apperley Bridge station still on for opening in August do you know?
    Also any ideas how soon before season tickets prices from this station will be known?

    1. Hello Lee

      Yes it is still on course for August according to an update for the 17th April meeting of the Bradford District Sub Committee of WYCA.

      Prices should be decided soon particularly as the station sits within a combined authority area, so there are local area zone fares as well standard railway tickets. However, recent experience with railway stations being opened shows that some have had to be run with fares from nearby stations for the first few weeks until all of the fares systems have been updated. This blog will be updated as soon as any news about fares from Apperley Bridge is released.

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