Transport Select Committee calls for better coordination

The Transport Select Committee has called for better coordination between various transport modes following the publication of two reports. The TSC has published reports into improving the strategic road network, which is currently being reformed by government and the National Policy Statement into National Networks, which is currently out for consultation in a draft form.

In the National Policy Statement into National Networks, the Transport Select Committee recommended that more types of transport schemes should be specified  by the Government, which it thinks are needed–such as enhancements to the rail network to promote east-west connectivity; better road and rail connections to ports and airports and to parts of the country which are currently not well served by those networks; and schemes to promote regional economic development.

In addition, the TSC also called for the statement to make explicit reference of the desirability of connecting HS2 to the classic rail network, so that people from around the UK can benefit from the new high speed rail line.

Both reports expressed a desire that the DfT should commission integrated passenger and freight plans for strategic transport routes, rather looking at one mode of transport in isolation.

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