Tram-Trains could give Glasgow Airport Rail Access

Tram-Trains are the preferred option for the delivery of rail access to Glasgow Airport.

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Transport Minister Keith Brown has today welcomed the imminent publication of the Glasgow Airport Strategic Transport Network Study.

Responding to numerous calls for comment, Mr Brown said:

“I welcome the imminent completion of Glasgow Airport Strategic Transport Network Study, which has been led by Glasgow Airport with support from Transport Scotland, Renfrewshire Council and Glasgow City Council. This work allows us to compare the performance of a wide range of transport measures with a view to improving public transport access to the airport and I look forward to it being finalised as quickly as possible.

“Initial examination of the results suggest there is much more that can be done to improve the levels of bus accessibility to the airport, particularly linking to Paisley Gilmour Street Station, and I call on Glasgow Airport and Renfrewshire Council to work together as a matter of urgency on this. In the longer term, the study indicates that a tram/train option running from the airport, which would then join the existing rail network into Glasgow Central, could be the most effective way to improve public transport access to the airport from the city centre.

“This report shows us why our decision to cancel GARL, which saved £176million of public money following concerns over increasing capital costs and in the face of cuts to the Scottish Government’s budget, was correct. The study shows that there are better ways to achieve the same objectives.

“While the appraisal does not give us all of the answers, particularly around passenger forecasts and risks, we will now consider the proposal for a tram/train link from Glasgow Airport onto the existing rail network into Glasgow Central and I have asked my officials to carry out further work on how this might be delivered.

“We recognise that any integration of light with conventional rail services would present numerous, significant challenges that will require detailed exploration and that the proposals are not as yet sufficiently understood. I would expect that all partners in the study will be prepared to work with us on this and continue to contribute financially as we look to improve access to Glasgow Airport for locals and visitors alike”

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