Surrey Canal Road Station Update

Lewisham Council has confirmed that there is no fixed date for the reopening of Surrey Canal Road Railway Station, although it should be delivered within two years of the commencement of development of Surrey Canal Triangle. The station was partially constructed following the withdrawal of funding from Department for Transport. The missing funding is to be provided by the developer of a nearby stretch of land as Lewisham Council confirms below in a response to a Freedom of Information request.

The s106 (part of the planning application) requires that the developer pays the Council £10m on or prior to the commencement of development at Surrey Canal Triangle and TfL deliver the new station in two years of that date. The developer will first submit applications for reserved matters and there will be a clearer indication of timings when this happens.

S106 is viewable here:…

Applicants’ website is here:

Surrey Canal Road was due to be delivered as part of the extension of the East London Line to Clapham Junction but the government withdrew funding for the station. TfL built the station box so that disruption would be minimal when the station was authorised.

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