Council proposes Light Rail Network for Crewe

As part of a proposals to bring HS2 to Crewe, Chester East Council has proposed introducing a new tram network centred on the existing railway station which would use existing rail axis to connect different areas of Crewe to the proposed HS2 station at Basford Hall.

A Cheshire East Council bid for a new HS2 hub station for Crewe could also attract brand new tram trains.

A series of tram train links, including new bus routes, could be built across the town to ease the growing levels of congestion in the town.

Cheshire East Council has launched a campaign urging people to say ‘Yes’ to HS2, if it means Crewe gets a new hub and a new train station. The current train station would be turned into a local tram train link.

It would mean journey times to employment sites, such as Bentley and the Cumberland Arena, as well as the proposed HS2 hub, would be greatly improved, New Crewe Station Proposition Transit Links (PDF, 1.1MB)

For the first time, the Council has released graphics showing how the town’s traffic problems could be transformed by a mini-tram network and improved bus links.

People are being urged to back the campaign and leave their supporting comments at:

Councillor Michael Jones explained: ““Crewe is unique in that it offers a gateway to the north and south of the country and already has a rich heritage embedded within the railway industry.

“We need to regenerate the town centre and bring people in as well as improve the retail offer. To do this we need better transport links.

“The future is extremely bright for Crewe but effective travel links and a high-quality retail offer is vital and we believe this could be the answer.”

The HS2 bid for a hub station in Crewe is being driven and backed by the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership and the Local Transport Body, which Cllr Jones chairs.

Network Rail supports the bid for an HS2 hub station, meaning travel to the capital could be achieved in under an hour.


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