Outline costs revealed for Beattock, Thornhill and Eastriggs

The outline costs and challenges for the proposed railway stations at Beattock, Thornhill and Eastriggs have been revealed in papers to a board meeting of SWestrans. Beattock would cost around £14-15m, with new services required to serve the railway station.

Thornhill and Eastriggs are expected to cost £8-11m but a timetable recast affecting a number of services would be required to support a stop at this station unless changes are made to rail services on the route such as new trains, timetable padding removal or line speed increases.


Elland railway station update – October 2016

A rail station at Elland was considered as part of WYCA’s New Stations Study (2014) and emerged as one of the four stations within the study area to take forward. The work will establish if a stop at Elland can be incorporated into the timetable without impact on other services, and be technically feasible to construct and economically/financially affordable. The feasibility study work will be available in 2017.

Source: West Yorkshire Combined Authority