Dawlish Diversion

Following the failure of the Sea Wall at Dawlish, a number of options were looked at to improve the resilience of the line. A number of options have been looked at including the restoration of the line via Okehampton and Tavistock.

Network Rail backed to investigate Dawlish Alternatives 1

Network Rail has received the backing of central government to investigate alternatives to the route that runs along the sea wall at Dawlish.

Dawlish rail services – the government will support Network Rail in its work to improve
the resilience of the railway at Dawlish. Additionally, it will ask Network Rail to examine
wider issues surrounding connectivity to and within the South West peninsula.
Specifically, Network Rail will consider alternatives to the current mainline route to the
South West via Dawlish, including an alternative route via the north side of Dartmoor
through Okehampton. This work will feed into Network Rail’s Initial Industry Plan for
Control Period 6 (2019-2024)

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Dawlish Alternative Route Proposals Leaked

The details of the report reviewing alternative routes around Dawlish has been leaked and lead to several stories through various outlets. The report was commissioned following the failure of the sea wall at Dawlish and the subsequent closure of the railway line.

The construction of alternative routes was classified as having eye watering costs. This has been confirmed as sitting somewhere between £500 million and £3 billion (although which routes cost these amounts has not been confirmed).

The PM has confirmed that all options remain on table and local politician Gary Streeter MP has called for ‘Cool Heads’ on the peninsula and discussions once the details are published by the DfT.