Monthly Archives: April 2016

Dalcross public meeting held

A public meeting has been held to discuss plans for a railway station at Dalcross, which would serve Inverness Airport. The station, which is expected to cost over £2m is expected to handle 65,000 passengers in its first year of operation, with that number rising to 400,000 by 2075. The station could be open by December 2018.

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Plans for Luton airport rail link revealed

A 1.3 mile automated rail link has been proposed by Luton Borough Council to connect Luton Airport to the nearby railway station. The £200m link will lead to the abolition of the buses that are currently in place. A heavy rail route has been ruled because of the difference in height between the railway line and the airport. The intention is to commence construction in 2017.

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Northern line extension tunnel drive delayed

The tunnel drive for the Northern line extension has been delayed by more than six months. It will now start in early 2017. The tunneling machines were revealed recently following their construction in France. They are set to be dismantled before transport to London.

Despite the delays, Transport for London have been keen to advise that the delay will not impact the expected opening date in 2020.

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Council authorises £5m on Skelmersdale plans

Lancashire County Council have agreed to spend £4.7m on the development of plans to build a railway line serving Skelmersdale. The money will be used to decide where the station should be located and identify the remit of the technical stage. The council have advised that the railway line will be able to tunnel under the motorway to reach Skelmersdale.

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