Monthly Archives: November 2015

Higgins report recommends integrated Leeds station and Crewe acceleration

David Higgins has recommended that the HS2 station serving Leeds should be integrated into the existing railway station in a report.

Source: BBC News

The report also recommended that HS2 should be built towards Crewe six earlier and open in 2027. It was chosen ahead of a bid by Stoke on Trent. The decision on the location of the station in Crewe has been postponed to next year.

Source: BBC News

The announcement of a revised station at Leeds has prompted fresh calls of a station serving central Sheffield.

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Network Rail propose Fleetwood junction removal

Network Rail has proposed to remove the junction that connects the Fleetwood branch with the rest of the rail network as part of a plan to increase train speeds through Poulton railway station.

Although the local rail user group plans to oppose these changes, the heritage railway group restoring the line have advised that this would not be bad news for their proposals.

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Disappointment for Reading Green Park if electrification timetable slips

There will be disappointment if the government fails to deliver electrification of the Reading to Basingstoke railway line before Reading Green Park station is opened in December 2018. The station won’t be able to be served before the line is electrified due to timetable constraints.

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