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Old Oak Overground

Transport for London has recommended the construction of two Overground station at Old Oak Common after 83% of 1898 respondents supported the option.

We recommend that two London Overground stations should be built at Old Oak Common, after the public consultation on proposals to build a new London Overground link in the area received strong public support.
Richard de Cani, our Managing Director of Planning, said: ‘This public consultation has demonstrated there is strong public support for new local rail links at Old Oak to allow London Overground services to support the planned High Speed 2 and Crossrail stations due to open in 2026.

‘The creation of two new stations would also significantly improve transport links in this area, helping support local growth by enabling 55,000 new jobs and 24,000 new homes to be created.’

The next stage of work will include the consideration of funding options as part of wider development plans for Old Oak Common. Further public consultation on the scheme is expected to take place next year.

Source: TfL Media and TfL Consultations

Call for more stations in North East Scotland

A Councillor and NESTRAN’s substitute board member has called for more stations at Cove, Newtonhill and Altens following the publication of passenger data that shows passenger numbers have more than doubled in nine years in North East Scotland.

Laurencekirk saw a total of 102,770 passengers for 2013/14, which is three times the anticipated number of 36,000.

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Should Newts take the full blame for Ilkeston delays?

Anyone involved or following the development of infrastructure across the UK will be aware of the impact that the discovery of the great-crested newt can have on the timescales for delivery of a project. They regularly add several months to the project as efforts are made to clear the site of the animals and monitor the site to prevent them from returning. It was not a surprise to see a project substantially delayed by them to be featured in the national press. However, it was a surprise to see them take the full blame for the project potentially not being delivered until early 2016.

Although the project has been affected by the ongoing discovery of great-crested newts in traps on the site, it has also been impacted by issues with the car park design, where the designers were forced to reduce a number of design features of the railway station to accommodate the flood alleviation measures in the car park. The unforeseeable/incompetent error (depending on where you sit in this saga) added further delays to a project that was already struggling.

Ilkeston is not the only the New Stations Fund project to be affected by the discovery of protected species on site. Newcourt has been delayed by several months because of the discovery of Slow Worms and Common Lizards on the site.

New railway stations are very beneficial for the local area that it serves and this project should not be used to prevent further rounds of the New Stations Fund from being organised. There are over two hundred railway stations that have been proposed in recent years, many with campaign groups and local support. Many have a good business case that just requires a railway station, whilst others could be delivered with enhancements to the existing railway network.

Source: Independent


Croxley Rail Link reaches crunch point over project delivery

Discussions with regards to project management of the Croxley Rail link have reached a crunch point as stakeholders race to get the project to a stage where the government can provide final funding approval. London Underground is the preferred project manager but TfL have advised that discussions are ongoing.

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Stratford to Honeybourne Visualisations released

A short visualisation showing how the Stratford to Honeybourne railway line would look have been placed on Youtube. It is understood that they date back to a report which was produced to investigate feasibility of the line. The recent Harbury landslip has brought advocates of this reopening additional publicity. The videos focus on the section entering Stratford Upon Avon.

Consultation Feedback for Barking Riverside released

In autumn 2014 Transport for London (TfL) conducted a public consultation on the principle of an extension of the London Overground to the Barking Riverside development. The consultation ran from 8 September to 19 October. Thank you to all those people and organisations who provided feedback during the consultation. We received 714 responses, with 90% of people saying they supported an extension in principal. A report (updated on 29 January 2015 to include 5 new responses in Section 6: Responses from stakeholders) is available below, together with our response to key issues raised:
Barking Riverside – Consultation Report (PDF) (Updated on 29 January 2015)

Barking Riverside – Response to issues raised (PDF)

What Happens Next

TfL will consider the responses to the consultation while we progress the scheme to the next stage. We anticipate a second round of public consultation on different scheme options in the spring of 2015, at which point we will also explain why alternative transport proposals have been not taken forward. Depending on the progress of the scheme’s design, which will consider the outcome of the spring 2015 consultation, a third round of public consultation may be necessary before making any application for powers to build and operate a railway extension through a Transport and Works Act Order


Source: TfL Consultations Hub